Ready To Bring Life To The Party?

If you're looking for someone to keep your event exciting!!! Look no further. I am ready to take your event to another level. I specialize in providing music for private and licensed public events, music production, and song writing.


I am DJ Majesty® and I pride myself and my business reputation on bringing life to your event.

I believe music is the soundtrack of some of life's most important events.

Having the right person to conduct that symphony is what's most important to you.

You have found the SOLUTION!!! I have had the immense pleasure of bringing life to many events from California to Spain, to the Carolinas and the World over. 

I want to make your event a success with music your guests won’t soon forget. I am a talented and professional Event and Wedding DJ who brings a unique mixture of sounds and musical styles tailored to meet the feel of your event and the tastes of you and your guests. You can TRUST ME to guarantee the entertainment at your event runs smoothly, View the different musical packages I have to offer below and click to book me for your next event.

Let's Make Memories!!!


Basic Package

Your Kind of Style

Smaller package, perfect for small venues. This package includes:

  • one 18-inch subwoofer

  • two 12-inch full range speakers

This package is always a hit and could be exactly what you need to make sure your event is one to never forget. Give me a call and schedule a consultation to see if this option suits you and your upcoming event.

VIP Package

Take Your Pick

As a professional Weddings & Events DJ, I make sure to offer my clientele a wide range of musical services to suit their unique needs and provide customizable choices they’re sure to love. This package has everything you need to bring the club or concert hall to your event. Give me a call and schedule a consultation to see if this option suits you and your upcoming event.

Party Package

Just What Your Event Needs

This is one of my most popular and frequently requested package types. This package includes:

  • one 18-inch subwoofer

  • two dual 15-inch full range speakers 

My extensive experience performing at events allows me to cater this style for a diverse array of audience types and sizes. Additionally, I am constantly adding more music to my repertoire and always consult with my clients to make sure they’re happy with the song choices.